BCMC's North Creek Cabin

Built by the British Columbia Mountaineering Club (BCMC) in 1986, this cabin was erected as a hub for mountaineering in the area. The surrounding mountains are dramatic and offer huge amounts of possibilities for objectives. Since being built the cabin has been used as a winter hub as well for ski touring. Access in the winter is often long and difficult but with good timing or mechanized access, you can have vast amounts of wild terrain to yourself.

Located at the head of the North Creek near Pemberton, BC, this hut is nestled in old growth forest near a beautiful creek. Sitting at an elevation of 1250m/4100ft, most of the skiing and climbing isn't right out the door but worth making the extra effort to get at. You  have to watch your step accessing both the cabin and many of the areas around the cabin due to large and dangerous avalanche run-outs.


Without a snowmobile for access in the winter, it's a long slog along the north branch of the Lillooet FSR to reach the head of the North Creek branch. The road isn't plowed in the winter but time it right in the spring and access isn't too difficult.

The branch is to the right well before reaching the actual North Creek, follow the logging road up towards North Creek as it contours below Zorah and Luxuria Peak. From the end of the road you'll need to drop down to the river and cross it. There may be some fallen logs easy enough to cross on skis with snow coverage or on foot without but the key is to cross the river here. This puts you in large avalanche runouts with thick alder so time it well.

Keep following the river along the benches from avalanche path to avalanche path. You'll want to cross the river again when it curves North-west in front of you. This crossing should be easy. Continue along in a few more avalanche paths before hitting beautiful, well spaced old growth. Follow this oldgrowth until you find the cabin at the head of North Creek where there are two converging creeks. Keep an eye on the different valleys to your left as you approach the cabin to get an awareness of your location in the old growth.

North Creek Cabin access viewed from google earth.
North Creek Cabin access viewed from google earth.

Total elevation gain getting in is approx 1200m. Distance from the branch 13km. Depending on conditions it takes 6-8hrs getting in from the branch for the average avid ski tourer.


The cabin is fully equipped with a wood stove, white gas burners, pots, benches, chairs, shovels, sink, books, an upstairs sleeping quarters, an outhouse, etc.

Extra wood is stored underneath the cabin. To use the wood stove, snow must be cleared from around the chimney.

Often a large snow mushroom forms on the cabin in the winter. This needs to be removed. Heating the cabin could cause it to collapse and possibly disbalance or knock it off it's foundation.

When walking out the cabin, the outhouse is approx 20 meters to the right. It has a tall pole to help find it under snow but in the past has been difficult to find.


A $10 per night usage fee exists for recreational users. You can pay through the BCMC's webpage. For a stay longer than 4 nights, it's more economical to join the BCMC for 40$. This gives you unlimited usage to all of the BCMC's cabins as well as access to member only resources.


Latitude: 50:38:43,

Longitude: -123:14:10

Drying gear by the cabin's nice wood stove.


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