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Companies and individuals have helped me greatly throughout the years. Though I couldn't possibly name them all, here are a few that have made large contributions to my success. 

Bella Coola Heli-sports

Owners Swede, Beat and Christian and Lodge Manager Rebecca of Bella Coola Helisports have been flown me into the Bella Coola Valley for numerous years. The company has supported me in my courses and always finds a use for me when I need employment to pay for costly program courses and university fees. I continue to work there summer and winter amidst the wild Coast Mountain landscapes.

The Duchesne Family

Claude and Annik Duchesne have hosted me in their home countless times in Revelstoke. Claude introduced me to the guiding world by inviting me to the CMH Gothics lodge for the first time when I was 18 as well as being a mentor and inspirational figure in my journey to become a guide. Claude and Annik Duchesne along with Andre Renner currently own and operate Assiniboine Lodge. Click here to learn more about the historic lodge, iconic mountains and amazing terrain. 


My Family

I would be a horrible son to not mention the support my parents have given me. Though I pride myself in financing things myself through hard work, my parents have had to put up with me far longer than most. Years after I'd finished high school and after my younger brother had gone off to university, my parents have housed and fed me in between my work stints and mountain missions. Their support is also felt in the many pick-ups and drop off's at random trailheads and in housing trip partners/friends.

 Thank you also to Nick Matwyuk, Rich So, Michal RozworskiBreanne Johnson and Christian Veenstra who have supplied many of the photos of me on this site. You can click on their respective names to view more of their photos.

Thank you

If you're looking for ways to offer your support, buying photo prints are also a great way to help me keep up the addiction. If you are interested in funding expeditions or offering gear in exchange for publicity or reviews, contact me.